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Calling the Moon

31 August
My son is my life!

19, absolute truth, adult swim, alchemy, anarchy, anime, art films, atheism, attachment parenting, babylon 5, babywearing, baubo, bbc, breastfeeding, buddhism, burlesque, cats, cbeebies, christopher eccleston, cirque du soleil, civil liberties, civil rights, computers, cs lewis, css, cult of scaro, daleks, dar williams, david tennant, debunking, discordianism, dissent, diy, doctor who, dragoncon, eddie izzard, empowerment, equality, europe, existentialism, fairy tales, femininity, fnord, folk music, folk tales, free thinkers, friends, gallifrey, getting things done, goddess, guilty pleasures, happiness, harry potter, hippies, history, home improvement, humanism, hybrid cars, illuminatus trilogy, indie films, interior decorating, invader zim, ireland, java, john michael straczynski, jon stewart, joss whedon, karma, kevin smith, kill your television, kissing, linux, literature, little shop of horrors, lost, metaphysics, monty python, music, nature, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, neon genesis evangelion, new jersey, non-conformity, north carolina, oz, parenting, peace, philosophy, photography, pirate parties, politics, pregnancy, programming, punk, push-ups, pushing the envelope, raleigh, randall flagg, reading, reason, recovering from catholicism, religion, road trips, robert anton wilson, rss, sacred feminine, sacrifice, sam gamgee, sam raimi, science fiction, self-esteem, self-improvement, self-sufficiency, six feet under, skepticism, skiing, socialism, solar energy, springframework, stained-glass, star trek, stephen colbert, strangers in paradise, taoism, the daily show, the dark tower, the ninth doctor, the triad, theater, timothy leary, tolkien, transcendence, travel, trigun, virgo, web design, weird people, whalerider, william gibson, xkcd, yoga